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Statement from Pharmacy2U

Pharmacy2U has today issued the following statement in response to an investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office and subsequent monetary penalty.

Daniel Lee, Managing Director of Pharmacy2U, said: “This is a regrettable incident for which we sincerely apologise.

At the time, we believed we had the right processes in place to secure customer consent to receive third party marketing. As soon as the issue was brought to our attention, we stopped the trial selling of customer data and made sure that the information that had been passed on was securely destroyed.

While we are grateful that the ICO recognise that our breach was not deliberate, we appreciate this was a serious matter.

As a responsible company, we undertook due diligence to check that the organisations intending to use the data were reputable. There was no publicly available information at the time to suggest that the lottery company was suspected of any wrongdoing and we have confirmed with the relevant authorities that they were validly licensed.

The ICO has recognised in its Monetary Penalty Notice that Pharmacy2U would not have known that there were any questions over the lottery company’s reputation. There was no publicly available information at the time that there had been a complaint to the ASA about Healthy Marketing Ltd.

We have also confirmed that we will no longer sell customer data.

We take our responsibilities to the public very seriously and want to reassure our customers that no medical information, email addresses or telephone numbers were sold. Only names and postal addresses were given, for one-time use.

Following this incident, we have changed our privacy policy to highlight that we will no longer sell customer data and have moved to an ‘opt in’, proactive consent model for our own marketing. We have also worked with the Plain English Campaign to make our policies as clear as possible to our customers.

We hope that this substantial remedial action will reassure our customers that we have learned from this incident and will continue to do all we can to ensure that their data is protected to the highest level.

We are not going to appeal against the ICO ruling.”

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