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Environmental, social, and governance strategy

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Our business approach centres on improving the lives of our patients and our people through continued positive social impact and a robust sustainability policy.

Our strategy

Our approach aims to further strengthen our business by ensuring the delivery of an achievable, measurable ESG strategy. Within this framework, we focus on:


Committing to a reduction in our environmental impact, targeting a reduced carbon footprint across our sites.


Identifying and implementing the best technology across operations to support our efficiency targets.


Collaborating with a range of stakeholders to reduce waste and increase the recyclability of materials.


Continuing to foster a diverse, open, and inclusive work environment for colleagues to develop and thrive within their roles.

“Pharmacy2U offers a new kind of pharmacy experience. One where clinical excellence meets bespoke, award-winning technology to help make the lives of our patients happier and healthier.

We remain committed to ensuring that our patients are at the heart of all that we do. This is underpinned by our core values. If there’s a better way to do what needs to be done, we find it.”

- Gary Dannatt, Chief Operating Officer

Our core principles

Protecting our environment

Reduce carbon emissions and improve product recyclability through a comprehensive carbon management plan.

Caring for our people

Create an inclusive, diverse, and open working environment for current and future employees to develop and thrive.

Operating with respect

Build on a communications strategy that empowers patients to take control of their health, and invest in positive social impact through community investment.

Protecting our environment

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our ongoing work with suppliers and logistics partners to reduce our carbon footprint and adopt policies that standardise a green approach to operational activity. Our objectives include:

  • Develop, implement, and publish a carbon management plan

  • Significantly reduce waste volume, establishing targets to measure progress

  • Increase the percentage of our products delivered through the EV fleet operated by our logistics partners

Caring for our people

Transparent, constructive communication is how we can make a difference to the day-to-day lives of our people, our patients, our partners, and suppliers. To further strengthen our approach, we’ve set the following objectives:

  • Continue to develop a fully inclusive workplace environment with readily available support

  • Nurture and develop talent across all areas of the organisation

  • Fully establish a recognisable employer brand

Operating with respect

We’re committed to delivering a positive social impact within the communities we serve. Our strategy will help to improve positive health outcomes for patients through continued clinical excellence and invest in our communities through continued engagement and development. Objectives include:

  • Increased employee volunteerism hours per year

  • Development and implementation of a personalised patient dashboard

  • Improved engagement with our biannual customer experience survey

Our progress so far

Over the past 12 months, we have set out a clear framework to help shape our environmental, social, and governance policy. We’ve taken positive steps towards achieving our goals across each of our three core ESG principles and will continue to report on further milestones we achieve over the course of the next financial year.

FY23 key achievements

  • Rolled out our green car incentive scheme and introduced EV charging points across our sites

  • ~12% all Pharmacy2U parcels delivered by logistics partners’ EV fleet

  • Company-wide rollout of further management training for team leaders across the business

  • Introduced the employee recognition scheme

  • Established the executive ESG committee to ensure continued focus and momentum on achieving our targets