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  • Trusted NHS partner since 2001

  • Regulated Pharmacy since 1999

  • Proudly serving over 800,000 patients

  • 'Excellent' Trustpilot rating

Collaborate with the UK's largest online pharmacy

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The Pharmacy2U group is the UK’s first and largest online pharmacy

We offer NHS repeat and one-off prescriptions, a pharmacy shop, NHS services delivered remotely, and an Online Doctor.

Pharmacy2U is a pioneer in creating a connected, patient-first future; not only in the technology we use, but also through the partners we work with.

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  • Extend your brand into the health & wellbeing space

  • Expand your existing pharmacy proposition

  • Reach a wide demographic, including a large number of over 40s who transact online

  • Recruit and fulfill clinical trials & commissioned services

Extend your brand into health & wellbeing

  • Insight from the largest online pharmacy operator - support to develop agile tech solutions that deliver growth and efficiency

  • Delivery of successful white label and co-brand tech solutions

  • Collaborative UX and design activities, underpinned by extensive experience of online pharmacy UX and sector regulation

Expand your existing pharmacy proposition

Spread the word through digital and offline marketing channels.

  • Reach a large number of over 40s who transact online

  • Reach combined or split Pharmacy2U group customer bases

  • Drive new customer volumes and brand awareness through tailored email marketing campaigns

  • Talk to up to 300,000 customers opted in to receive third party marketing

  • Optimise cost and ROI by applying demographic filters to segment your market

  • Reach up to 275,000 customers monthly through leaflet insert activity

Recruit and fulfil clinical trials & commissioned services

Cost effective, efficient and remote support to optimise clinical trials.

  • Reach opted-in patients who meet the demographic and medical criteria of your trial or commissioned service

  • A highly engaged base who have responded up to 10x more effectively than other recruitment channels

  • Complete fulfilment solution, including delivery of medications direct to customers’ homes

  • Purchase bulk quantities of the stocks you need at wholesale prices

Operational excellence and industry-leading technology

Pharmacy2U is a tech business that has invested heavily in automated fulfilment.

Talk to us to learn how we have built our business on award-winning technology and our world class dispensing facilities.

Our partners

How Pharmacy2U helped Royal Mail launch their Health division

Royal Mail engaged Pharmacy2U for guidance to develop a health and wellness portfolio.

Find out how discovery sessions led to a white labelled prescription delivery service at the heart of the Royal Mail Health proposition.

Introducing home delivery to Evergreen Life’s app

Evergreen Life is a top-rated app that brings a user’s health information and GP records together in one place. Find out how we used API technology to seamlessly integrate a new home delivery service into Evergreen’s repeat prescription journey

More choice and a better customer experience for MyGP users

“MyGP” by iPlato is an App that puts the personal medical matters of 2.5m users into the palm of their hand. Find out how we collaborated to expand MyGP’s panel of home delivery pharmacies, delivering a superior customer experience through the development of a bespoke API integration.

Accelerating recruitment and innovating remote trial procedures

Having worked with some of the largest clinical trials operators in the world, find out how Pharmacy2U established a successful recruitment model and how we can enable you to pilot remote trials using our fulfilment processes.

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