The history of prescriptions, Pharmacy2U, and our NHS

We've worked closely with the NHS for over 20 years.
To celebrate that partnership, here's a summary of our shared history.


Health Secretary Aneurin (Nye) Bevan launches our much-loved NHS in Manchester.


The first prescription charges are introduced, costing one shilling (5p).


The world wide web launches, kickstarting a new era in the digital world.

A robotic arm taking medications from the warehouse.


Pharmacy2U is born. A team of pharmacists and entrepreneurs starts the UK's first online pharmacy, pioneering the digital pharmacy industry.


Pharmacy2U is awarded the pilot contract for the ‘electronic transfer’ of NHS prescriptions.

The business plays a pivotal role in testing and developing what we know today as the Electronic Prescription Service, or EPS.


Pharmacy2U dispenses its first digitally signed prescription!

A milestone in improving efficiency and convenience for patients, GPs, pharmacies, and the NHS.


The Department of Health officially announces the introduction of the EPS.


Pharmacy2U launches the UK’s first automated telephone prescription ordering service.


Another technology innovation sees Pharmacy2U launch the first repeat prescription app for patients, giving the ultimate flexibility to manage their medication on the go.


Pharmacy2U acquires Chemist Direct, a step towards a wider healthcare offering for patients and customers.


The Repeat Prescription Report reveals that 43% of the population has a repeat prescription, costing the NHS £8 billion a year.

The report indicates that online ordering could save GPs over six hours a week on paperwork and the NHS hundreds of millions of pounds each year.


The Pharmacy2U patient base reaches 240,000!


The UK and the rest of the world experience an unprecedented global pandemic, leading to a nationwide lockdown and the need to self-isolate.


Demand for home delivery of repeat prescriptions surges during the national lockdown.

Pharmacy2U quickly adapts to accommodate an increased need for its services, with prescription deliveries up a massive 90% on the previous year.


Pharmacy2U opens its new state-of-the-art dispensing facility in Leicestershire, giving the capability to manage over 270,000 prescriptions each month.


The Pharmacy2U partnership with Royal Mail is announced, allowing us to extend our free home delivery prescription service to even more patients.


Kevin Heath (CEO) and Deirdre Burns (Chairperson) join Pharmacy2U, driving forward our collective ambition to become a world-leading digital healthcare provider.


Pharmacy2U hits two major milestones in the first half of 2023. Our Bardon facility exceeds one million items dispensed per month since opening in 2021 and our patient numbers exceed 750,000 for the first time.