emla 30g, treatment for premature ejaculation

What is EMLA cream?

EMLA cream is a topical anaesthetic or numbing medication that contains the active ingredients lidocaine and prilocaine. It functions as a local anaesthetic by numbing the skin's surface temporarily. This reduction in sensitivity is beneficial when applied to the penile tip, aiding in delaying ejaculation for some men. 

What is EMLA cream used to treat?

EMLA cream comprises two active components, lidocaine and prilocaine, classified under the category of local anaesthetics. 

This cream operates by temporarily desensitising the skin's surface, and can be used prior to specific medical interventions. While it effectively alleviates skin pain, sensations of pressure and touch can still be felt. 

For adults, adolescents, and children: It proves beneficial in numbing the skin before: 

  • needle insertion (e.g., injections or blood tests) 

  • minor skin procedures 

For adults and adolescents: Additionally, it finds application in: 

  • genital numbing prior to injections or medical procedures like wart removal, with application administered by a healthcare professional. 

For adults: Further uses include skin desensitisation prior to: 

  • cleansing or removal of damaged skin resulting from leg ulcers 

There is evidence to suggest that EMLA cream has been effective to delay ejaculation for lots of men. In these studies, it was shown to significantly increase the time between gaining an erection and ejaculation.  

Who can and cannot use EMLA?

EMLA is suitable for most men to prolong time to ejaculation. However, you should refrain from using EMLA cream if you have allergies to lidocaine, prilocaine, similar local anaesthetics, or any of the listed ingredients. 

Warnings and precautions: Prior to applying EMLA cream, consult with your doctor, pharmacist, or nurse if: 

  • you have a rare inherited blood disorder known as 'glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency' 

  • you experience issues with blood pigment levels, referred to as 'methaemoglobinaemia' 

  • the intended application area has skin rash, cuts, grazes, or open wounds  

  • prolonged application beyond 30 minutes may heighten the risk of local skin reactions  

  • you are taking specific medications for heart rhythm disorders (class III antiarrhythmics, like amiodarone). Regular monitoring of your heart function is recommended by your doctor 

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What precautions should I take when using EMLA cream?

Avoid contact with the eyes, as EMLA cream may cause irritation. In case of accidental eye exposure, promptly rinse with lukewarm water or a sodium chloride solution. 

EMLA cream is oil based so it can weaken latex condoms, increasing the risk of them splitting. It is therefore even more important that suitable precautions are taken to avoid pregnancy or transmission of a sexually transmitted infection (STI). You might want to invest in polyurethane condoms, which will not be weakened by EMLA.   

Always read the patient information leaflet for EMLA cream before using it.

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