norethisterone 5mg, period delay treatment

What is Norethisterone?

Norethisterone tablets are a form of period delay medication, allowing you to temporarily halt your menstrual cycle for a specified duration (up to 30 days with norethisterone). It's essential to note that these tablets are not contraceptives and using them does not provide protection against pregnancy. To effectively delay your period, take three tablets a day, starting three days before your expected period.

What is Norethisterone used for?

Norethisterone tablets belong to a category of medications known as 'progestogens,' which are akin to the natural female hormone progesterone. The active ingredient in norethisterone tablets is the progestogen called norethisterone, which serves various purposes. These tablets can be used to address or manage conditions such as heavy periods, painful periods, irregular or more frequent than normal periods, premenstrual tension (PMT), endometriosis (where womb tissue is found outside the womb), and breast cancer. Additionally, your doctor might prescribe norethisterone tablets if you wish to postpone your next period.

Who can and cannot use medicines containing Norethisterone?

Norethisterone tablets may not be suitable for all women. Carefully review the following list to determine if any of these conditions apply to you. If you are uncertain, consult your doctor. 

Do not take norethisterone tablets if: 

  • you are allergic to norethisterone, similar hormone medicines, or any other ingredients in this medicine 

  • you are pregnant or suspect pregnancy. Your doctor may conduct a pregnancy test before initiating treatment or if you miss a period during treatment. 

  • you have experienced unexplained vaginal bleeding (not a period) 

  • you or a family member has a history of blood clot problems, including deep vein thrombosis (DVT) 

  • you have a history of a heart attack or angina, or ongoing heart conditions 

  • you have liver issues 

  • you had jaundice or an itchy rash known as pemphigoid gestationis during a previous pregnancy, characterized by small blisters on your abdomen  

  • you live with severe generalised itching all over your body (pruritus) 

  • you have a condition called porphyria, a rare inherited blood disease 

Discuss your medical history with your doctor or pharmacist before taking norethisterone tablets, especially if you have: 

  • epilepsy 

  • migraine headaches 

  • asthma 

  • heart problems 

  • kidney problems 

Risk of Venous Thromboembolism (VTE): While all women have a slight chance of developing blood clots, taking a hormone medicine like norethisterone tablets may slightly elevate this risk. Factors such as being very overweight, having systemic lupus erythematosus, a previous history of blood clots, family history of blood clots, immobility, significant injury, major surgery, or repeated miscarriages can further increase the risk. Inform your doctor if you have recently undergone surgery or have an upcoming operation while using norethisterone tablets. 

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Can I use Norethisterone if I’m pregnant?

If you are currently pregnant, breastfeeding, suspect pregnancy, or are planning to conceive, consult your doctor for guidance before using this medication. 

Avoid taking norethisterone if you are pregnant, as hormonal medications may impact the developing foetus. 

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