aldara 5% genital warts treatment

What is Aldara

Aldara is a prescription-only cream specifically designed for the treatment of genital warts. It contains the active ingredient, imiquimod. This effective remedy begins its action promptly, with approximately 50% of users experiencing complete wart elimination within 4-12 weeks of consistent use. 

What is Aldara used to treat?

Aldara cream is used to treat genital warts.  

Aldara cream aids your body's immune system in generating natural substances to combat the human papillomavirus (HPV), which causes genital warts. Although genital warts are a sexually transmitted infection (STI), they are generally harmless and do not impact fertility. Aldara, applied directly to the affected area, helps eliminate both hard and soft genital warts by stimulating the immune system, addressing symptoms such as itching and soreness and enhancing appearance-related confidence.     

Who can and cannot use Aldara?

Aldara cream may not be suitable for everyone due to potential interactions with certain conditions or medications, compromising its effectiveness and safety. 

Before using Aldara, let your doctor know if you have: 

  • previously used a similar cream 

  • immune system issues or are taking immunosuppressive medication 

  • allergies to any of the ingredients, including imiquimod 

  • HIV-positive status, as Aldara may not be effective for you 

Avoid using Aldara if you are: 

  • under 18 years old 

  • pregnant, trying to conceive, or breastfeeding 

Consult your doctor for alternative wart treatment if you take immunosuppressive medications. 

Let your doctor know if you are using any over-the-counter medicines, prescription drugs, or natural remedies. 

Refrain from sexual activity when you have genital warts, as Aldara may reduce the effectiveness of condoms or diaphragms. 

Note that Aldara does not protect against other sexually transmitted infections or HIV. 

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What form does Aldara come in?

Aldara, available in cream form, is topically applied to the affected skin. The treatment regimen and duration vary depending on the specific condition being addressed. To apply Aldara properly, ensure clean hands before opening a new sachet for each application. Squeeze a small amount onto your fingertip, gently rub a thin layer onto the clean, dry area with warts before bedtime, and dispose of the sachet. After 6-10 hours, wash the treated area with mild soap and water, refraining from using bandages or dressings. 

Aldara cream is applied 3 times per week with at least a 1-day break in between. For example, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

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