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How Far Do People Travel to Collect Their Prescriptions?

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Have you ever had to wait days before you have the time to go and pick up a prescription? This isn’t as unusual as you might think – our busy lifestyles mean that it’s harder to find the time to travel to a pharmacy before it closes. Whether you’re fighting a bug or you need to...

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New year’s resolutions – stay successful


Here are some of the most popular new year’s resolutions our customers are tackling in 2017. We’ve looked into why these are great choices and what extra help you may...

The essential guide to surviving winter


The extended hours of darkness and plummeting temperatures during winter can provide unique seasonal challenges to your well-being. To help you this winter, we’ve compiled information on how to tackle...

How to make a success of your new year’s resolutions


With 2016 thankfully in the recent past, it’s now time to focus on making some long overdue changes. That’s right, it’s time to make a start on those new year’s...