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The annual increase in STDs around Valentine’s Day: Stay Safe in 2018

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As decidedly unromantic as this may seem, Pharmacy2U’s online doctors diagnose and treat more STDs than any other time of the year. We hope that sharing some statistics will remind you of the importance of using condoms or other contraceptives with a new partner and staying safe this Valentine’s Day. Syphilis is the UK’s fastest...

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How Far Do People Travel to Collect Their Prescriptions?


Have you ever had to wait days before you have the time to go and pick up a prescription? This isn’t as unusual as you might think – our busy...

Which Medical Symptoms Are the Most Googled in the UK?


We’ve all been guilty of turning to Google with our symptoms when we’re feeling under the weather. A bit of a cough, a high temperature, insomnia – Doctor Google can...

Official advice for patients using online doctor services


The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has today published a guide to help patients access reputable and regulated online doctor services, such as the Pharmacy2U Online Doctor service. The CQC says...