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If you've been eating healthily and have introduced regular exercise into your lifestyle but are still struggling to see any significant weight-loss results, XLS-Medical can help you reach your goals faster.

What is XLS Medical?

XLS Medical provides a range of weight loss products, including a Fat Binder and a Carb Blocker. By combining XLS tablets with a healthy diet and exercise, you will have a better chance of achieving your desired weight.

What are the key benefits of XLS Medical?

XLS is a clinically proven slimming aid to help men and women lose up to three times more weight than if they were to be simply dieting alone.

It contains an active ingredient called Litramine which is derived from natural plant sources, meaning it's gentle on your system and won't interfere with your body's natural routine.

You can eat more of the foods you enjoy and be confident that up to 27.4% of the dietary fat isn't absorbed into your body.

How does XLS Medical work?

XLS Fat Binder tablets help bind the dietary fats in your stomach - stopping the fat from being absorbed into your body. The fat-binding properties reduce the rate in which food leaves your stomach and prevents your blood sugar levels from rising too quickly, resulting in you feeling fuller for longer. XLS products are also lactose and gluten-free.

How to take XLS Medical

For optimal results, the tablets should be taken as part of a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Two tablets should be taken three times a day after mealtimes and you shouldn't take more than six tablets a day.

What are the side effects of XLS Medical?

As XLS Fat Binder is certified as a Medical Devices Class IIb, it has passed rigorous safety tests according to international standards. As such, XLS Medical Fat Binder is very well tolerated.

However, it is very rich in fibre, so you may experience mild constipation if you don't drink plenty of water (we recommend two litres per day). In very rare instances, some people may experience stomach pain or flatulence.

If you're concerned about your weight and would like further advice, visit our Online Doctor service for a confidential consultation with one of our GMC- registered GPs.

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