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The Stork Conception Kit

Size: Single

Description The Stork is indicated for home use by couples who are trying to become pregnant and for whom sexual intercourse and pregnancy are safe. Couples that have known fertility issues should consult their physician to determine if The Stork is appropriate for you to use. The Stork can be used by couples who have fertility difficulties such as low sperm count, mobility issues and ovulation timing.

The Stork contains a cervical cap inside a condom like sheath. It is used to collect semen into a cervical cap, then deliver it to the outside of the cervix, as an aid to conception. The Stork Cervical cap should not be left in place for longer than 6 hours.

Each kit contains 1x application, 1x conceptacle and 1 set of instructions.

The Conceptacle is used to collect and contain the semen during intercourse. The Conceptacle consists of a cervical cap that is inside of a condom like sheath made out of silicone. Once the semen is collected, the condom like sheath of the Conceptacle is rolled down and off the cervical cap that is inside at the bottom of the Conceptacle, much like rolling a condom off.

The applicator allows for delivery of the cervical cap containing the semen to the cervix. Once the semen has been collected, the cervical cap is placed onto the applicator that cradles the cap, closing it so it is easier to slide into place. The applicator is then used to insert the cap into the vagina and up to the opening of the cervix. The cervical cap is left next the cervix for 4-6 hours and then removed using a tampon like pull chord. The cervical cap keeps the semen as close to the cervix as possible to allow sperm to swim up to the egg. Just like a tampon, you can carry on with day to day living normally whilst the cervical cap is in place.

Please note due to the nature of the product this item is non-returnable.
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