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Patient Testimonials

What our patients are saying about our service

We are the largest NHS contracted pharmacy in England, helping hundreds of thousands of patients throughout the UK with their NHS prescriptions. We're proud of the service we offer. But more importantly, in our latest patient survey, 93% of our patients told us they find our service far more convenient than getting repeat prescriptions the traditional way. See what our patients have to say.

Brian Bilverstone talks about how Pharmacy2U helps him manage hypertension & diabetes

“The best thing about Pharmacy2U as far as I'm concerned is that it's click and forget”

Brian Bilverstone

Keira Radice describes how the Pharmacy2U NHS Prescription Service helps her maintain her busy life despite her serious condition.

"Having Pharmacy2U definitely helps me to live an active life"

Keira Radice

Siobhan Willams & how the NHS repeat prescription service helps her manage her medication.

“I'm a big fan of Pharmacy2U and the service it provides”

Siobhan Williams

Dinesh Gajjar describes his experience of Pharmacy2U's Repeat Prescription Service

“Pharmacy2U always have my medication & have never let me down once.”

Dinesh Gajjar
Michelle Francis

“With Pharmacy2U, everything is so much easier to manage. We use the app to order all our families medication, which takes a few seconds. We get notified of its progress and a few days later it is delivered. Everything is less stressful as we can get our medicines delivered through the post - which makes life so much easier.”

Michelle Francis
Mary Gonzalez

“At 75, I can’t always get out so it is so good that my tablets are taken care of and delivered to the door in the morning post. I could not ask for a better service! I now have more time to write my children’s books and help children at the local school write their stories.”

Children’s author, Mary Gonzalez
Robert Brevitt

“I have a large repeat prescription and have to order at different times. Pharmacy2U gives me the knowledge I can order knowing I'll receive my medication when I need it”

Robert Brevitt
Nigel Ford

“I can do other things like shopping, knowing that my prescription will be left in a safe place if I am out when it is delivered.”

Nigel Ford
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Patient Survey

93% of our patients say our service is more convenient than ordering from their GP.