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Phenergan 10mg Tablets
Phenergan 10mg Tablets Size: 56 Tablets View Product
Phenergan 25mg Tablets
Phenergan 25mg Tablets Size: 56 Tablets View Product
Phenergan Elixir 5mg/5ml Oral Solution
Phenergan Elixir 5mg/5ml Oral Solution Size: 100ml View Product

Phenergan Tablets & Elixir

Both the Phenergan tablets and the Phenergan Elixir contains the active ingredient Promethazine, Promethazine is a type of medicine named a sedating antihistamine of which works by preventing the actions and effects of histamine.

Histamine is produced by the body as a defence and causes symptoms of an allergic reaction such as sneezing, rashes, sore eyes, nasal congestion. Promethazine blocks the histamine receptors in the area of the brain thus preventing the messages causing the symptoms.

Phenergan can be taken for:

  • Symptoms of allergic conditions such as hayfever, allergies and nettle rash
  • Preventing travel sickness
  • Producing sedation before surgery
  • Short term use as a sedative in children
  • Short term treatment of insomnia in adults (sleeping difficulties).

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