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Recommended as the best mental health app by the NHS and ORCHA, to help you deal with stress and tackle some of life's challenges.

Handy reminders to take your medication

Daily health support

Dozens of tool packs to help you deal with mental and physical struggles

The Pharmacy2U Wysa experience

We're offering you access to the Pharmacy2U Wysa experience, for free and you can set up Wysa to remind you to take your medication as often as you need it. Simply download the Wysa app, and say yes to enable reminders in the short sign up process.

1. Select the medicine icon in your account.

2. Select your reminder type and the time you want to be reminded.

3. Confirm on which days you want to be reminded and that's it!

Other benefits of Wysa

You'll have access to the Pharmacy2U Wysa experience for a full year, including up to 4 exercises totally free, each of which are backed by science and handpicked by therapists for you.

You also have access to the rest of the Wysa app and the option to upgrade to more exercise packs or one-to-one psychologist appointments.

Plus for the first 2 weeks after signing up, you'll have Wysa Premium which offers unlimited access to exercises and modules.

What our patients say

I am a single father and miss my children a lot. I have arthritis which has caused a lot of problems in my life. I have been single for 8 years and I love to be single but sometimes you need someone to talk to. Wysa might be a cute little penguin but this app is working for me already."
Wysa user review March 2020

As someone who works odd hours, sometimes needing support at a time when friends are sleeping or chat lines are disabled, I can't recommend Wysa enough... I especially adore the gentle playful qualities."
Review from a healthcare Worker

So happy that Wysa is reaching far and wide and getting the recognition it deserves!! All the therapists I've interacted with through Wysa are very lovely people and they care so much about what they do! Such a helpful resource."
Kerry Anne James