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If you have a medical emergency do not use this service. Take action with your own doctor, visit Accident and Emergency or call an ambulance immediately.

Please do not use this consultation service to attempt to gain a supply of the following:

  • Modafinil
  • Tramadol
  • Armour Thyroid
  • Sleeping tablets

They will not be provided but you will still be charged for the doctors time in reviewing your case.

If you can't find the condition you would like help with on our home page, the Pharmacy2U Online Doctor service now offers a private consultation with a UK registered GP. For a consultation fee of just £15 we will take you through a series of questions tailored to your symptoms which are designed to gather all the information our GP needs. You can start a consultation about anything you like and the questions will be tailored to what you tell us. If the GP needs any further information you will be contacted securely through the Pharmacy2U Online Doctor website. The doctor will then consider your case and provide you with any appropriate medical advice or treatment you need.

The private GP Consultation is designed to allow you to submit a consultation to one of our doctors for a condition not listed on our homepage or below, if you know the condition you are seeking help with and it is listed below you can use our tailored and free consultation by choosing the relevant option.

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Can't find an appropriate consultation listed for your condition? Visit the online doctor assessment section.

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