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About the contraceptive pill?

If you are currently taking the contraceptive pill, Pharmacy2U’s Online Doctor service can supply six months' worth of your current pill. We can supply all the commonly used contraceptive pills such as Cerazette, Microgynon and Cilest, as well as some of the newest brands such as EllaOne, Yasmin and Qlaira. Many other contraceptive pills are also available.

After an initial supply of six months, we can produce further supplies of your contraceptive pill - so long as you provide us with your blood pressure reading, and you visit your doctor for a gynaecological check-up at least once a year.

Our service is not suitable for women who are under 18 years of age, who are pregnant or who have not taken a contraceptive pill before. Our doctors will assess whether or not our service is suitable for you from the answers you provide to our questionnaire

What are the key benefits of the contraceptive pill?

The contraceptive pill is highly effective, although it is true that no method of contraception is 100% effective. If the combined oral contraceptive pill is taken as directed by your doctor, it is over 99% effective. Progestogen-only pills (also known as “mini pills”) are slightly less effective but have other benefits for certain groups of women.

What are the side effects of the contraceptive pill?

Like all medicines, the contraceptive pill can cause side effects. Please consult the patient information leaflet for your pills for full details. The most common contraceptive pill side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and allergic rashes. Although it is rare, the contraceptive pill can cause blood clots in the legs or lungs, increased blood pressure and an increased risk of some cancers, including breast cancer.


Cerazette Cerazette Desogestrel
Microgynon Microgynon Microgynon
Cilest Cilest Ethinylestradiol and norgestimate
ellaOne ellaOne Ulipristal acetate
Yasmin Yasmin Drospirenone and ethinylestradiol
Qlaira Qlaira Estradiol valerate and dienogest

What other forms of contraception are available?

Use of the contraceptive pill is the most common form of contraception. However, many alternatives exist including:

  • Male condoms
  • Male vasectomy or female sterilisation
  • The coil (intra-uterine device)
  • Emergency contraception (also known as the morning after pill: Levonelle and EllaOne)
  • Contraceptive injection
  • Cap or diaphragm (female condom)