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What is Yasmin?

Yasmin is a combined oral contraceptive (COC) pill that contains synthetic forms of the hormones oestrogen (ethinylestradiol) and progestogen (drospirenone), which are produced naturally in the ovaries. It is widely used as an effective method of birth control.  

The combined oral contraceptive pill is often just called "the pill". 

What is Yasmin used to treat?

Yasmin is used as a contraceptive pill to prevent pregnancy. It contains two active substances, drospirenone and ethinylestradiol, which work together to regulate the menstrual cycle, inhibit ovulation, and reduce the chances of fertilisation.  

Who can and cannot take medicines containing Yasmin?

Before starting Yasmin, familiarise yourself with the following information: 

Your doctor will assess your health history, blood pressure, and may conduct additional tests. 

It’s important to note that Yasmin doesn't protect against HIV or other sexually transmitted infections. 

Inform your doctor if you have or have had the following conditions as Yasmin may not be suitable for you: 

  • blood clots in legs, lungs, or other organs 

  • disorders affecting blood clotting 

  • heart attack, stroke, angina, or related conditions 

  • liver or kidney diseases, tumours, breast cancer, unexplained vaginal bleeding, or allergies to Yasmin ingredients 

Avoid using Yasmin if you have liver or kidney impairment. 

Warnings and precautions: Contact your doctor immediately if you notice signs of blood clots, and inform them if you currently have, or have previously experienced breast cancer, liver disease, diabetes, depression, or inflammatory bowel disease. 

Blood clot risks: Understand the risks of blood clots, recognise symptoms, and seek medical attention promptly if needed. Factors like obesity, family history of clotting disorders, immobility, age, and recent childbirth can increase your clotting risk. 

Certain medications may affect Yasmin's effectiveness or cause unexpected bleeding. Always inform your doctor about all medications and herbal products you’re currently taking. 

Yasmin is not for use during pregnancy. If pregnant, stop immediately and consult your doctor. 

Breastfeeding women should seek clinical guidance before using Yasmin. 

The combined pill is not suitable if you are over 35 and smoke, or if you have certain medical conditions. 

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How effective is Yasmin as a contraceptive?

When taken correctly, the pill is over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. This means that fewer than 1 in 100 who use the combined pill as contraception will get pregnant in 1 year.  

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