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From sniffs and sneezes to incredible, life-saving surgeries - the NHS has been keeping the UK healthy for 70 years. Pharmacy2U has been a proud NHS partner for nearly 20 years and what better way to celebrate than by looking back over our shared history.

Aneurin Bevan

The NHS is launched at the Park Hospital in Manchester by the Health Secretary, Aneurin Bevan. Hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, opticians and dentists brought under the same umbrella to offer free healthcare.


Prescription charges of one shilling (5p) are introduced.


The online world is formed, when computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invents the World Wide Web.


Pharmacy2U - the UK’s first internet pharmacy - is founded by Daniel Lee, pioneering the UK’s online pharmacy industry.

Daniel Lee

NHS pilot for the ‘electronic transfer’ of prescriptions is awarded to Pharmacy2U, to help develop and trial what would become the Electronic Prescription Service. This allows doctors to electronically send prescriptions to the pharmacy, making the process more efficient and convenient for patients, GPs, pharmacies and the NHS.


Pharmacy2U dispense the UK’s first digitally signed prescription!


Following the successful trials, the NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is announced by the Department of Health.


Pharmacy2U launch the UK’s first automated phone prescription ordering service.


The UK’s first repeat prescription app is launched by Pharmacy2U, to help patients manage their NHS repeat prescriptions on the go.

Daniel Lee and Mark Livingstone

Pharmacy2U merges with Chemist Direct and Mark Livingstone is appointed CEO of combined group.


The Repeat Prescription Report reveals that 43% of the population have a repeat prescription, costing the NHS £8 billion a year. The report indicates that online ordering could save GPs over six hours a week on paperwork and the NHS hundreds of millions of pounds each year.

Prescription report

Pharmacy2U’s growing patient community reaches over 240,000 people, helping them with their repeat prescriptions.

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To celebrate 70 years of the NHS, we’ve partnered with the Daily Mail to help find Britain’s Health Hero. Click here to find out more

Health Hero Awards
2019 ...and beyond

Technology has transformed industries from retail and entertainment to travel and has started to make a significant mark on healthcare. Continued digital disruption over the next 70 years is essential in improving patient access to healthcare and helping to relieve the strain on the NHS. We are on a mission to help modernise healthcare and improve patient outcome in partnership with the NHS by managing repeat prescriptions from request to delivery, which relieves both the time and stress put on GPs, represents better value to the NHS and improves patient medicine adherence.

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Robot picking

1 Dr Duncan Petty, The Repeat Prescription Report 2017 (

We’ve got some exciting things planned to celebrate this colossal milestone and we’re sure you’ll join our team in wishing them a very happy birthday. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see where the next 70 years will take us!