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We know that winter in the UK can feel long and tiresome, with grey skies and rainy days all but guaranteed it’s no wonder many people jet off for some much-needed winter sun. 

The Canary Islands and Spain lead the way for a winter break, along with Portugal, France and the USA – that’s according to Travel Insurance experts Just Travel Cover, who we caught up with to explain the importance of finding the right Travel Insurance if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

While arranging your insurance is far less exciting than booking your excursions or buying your holiday wardrobe, it is an essential part of your holiday planning. Typically having Travel Insurance will cover the cost of the unforeseen, such as an accident or illness when on holiday – and the cover works exactly the same for people with pre-existing medical conditions. It also covers the cost of emergency care for any medical condition you may have had in the past or you suffer from currently.

Travel Insurance claims are now at an all-time high, and the majority are to support the 3,000 people per week who need emergency medical treatment abroad. The average claim was £800 last year, but costs for medical treatment were much higher and can easily run into the thousands; the claim for one customer who needed emergency treatment in America reached a staggering £381,000.

Recent research found that 600,000 people failed to declare all of their medical conditions on their Travel Insurance policy in the last two years. People travelling without Travel Insurance is extremely worrying; not everyone would be able to afford a surprise bill for £800, let alone one that runs into the tens of thousands if they fall ill abroad.

Just Travel Cover specialise in Travel Insurance for those with pre-existing medical conditions, working with a range of insurers and underwriters to find the cover you need.

There’s no age limit on single trip policies, annual multi trip cover and cover for cruises too. You can compare prices online or over the phone at Just Travel Cover and use the code P2U to save 10% on the total premium quoted.

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