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Our new site is being tested today, so if you are seeing this headline on our homepage, you are one of the first to view it!

Whilst the look and feel of our site has changed, our website address has stayed the same, you can still find us at

In order to make our new website more user-friendly, we’ve given it a new lease of life with bolder and brighter colours, a more coherent and clearer design, and a much-improved navigation (which will improve further in the near future too). The new website is divided into six main sections: the NHS repeat prescription service, the Online Doctor service, private prescriptions, pharmacy, health information, and the help centre. Each section has been colour-coded throughout, making it easier for the user to recognise where they are and navigate accordingly.

With the use of mobile phones on the rise, we knew it was important to make the mobile experience as enriching as when on a desktop PC. Our new website is fully responsive, meaning that it will adapt to the device that you’re using. So, whether you’re on your home computer, tablet or mobile, you’ll still have the best experience possible and you won’t miss a thing and more content will be available to mobile users.

In a further attempt to make your life easier, we’ve re-designed our on-site forms for the NHS Electronic Prescription Service and the Online Doctor Service. These intelligent new forms add an extra touch of simplicity, reacting to your answers and minimising the time you will have to spend filling in your details.

Our existing customers will notice a big improvement within the ‘My Account’ area. The new design makes it much easier to track your orders, edit your account details, and request a new item where appropriate.

We’re not just going to stop there, we have a dedicated team who are constantly striving to make your online experience easier. Throughout 2016 we will be releasing even more improvements, including;

• An express checkout – existing customers will benefit from a simple 2-step process
• An improved navigation – helping you to find the products you want with added ease
• Smarter product recommendations – making your browsing experience truly personal

We hope you enjoy the new-look site, and if you have any comments, please email them to

Many thanks

Pharmacy2U Website Team