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There is a common misconception that technology is for young people, and the older demographic are a little out of touch with today’s ‘Amazon generation’.

But our data tells a different story, and in the last year alone we have seen a 253% increase in people aged 65 and over using Pharmacy2U.

When we did some more digging, we found out that half of this demographic are using Facebook to keep up to date with family and friends, three quarters use online banking and two in five use technology to help manage their health and medical conditions.

Technology has clearly changed the world’s of entertainment, travel and retail, and it is now starting to transform how we manage our health and well being.

At Pharmacy2U, we have used cutting-edge technology to build a convenient online platform that allows people to manage their NHS Repeat Prescriptions in a few clicks or a phone call and have them delivered to their home for free. A modern pharmacy service that suits modern lifestyles.