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GP practices across the country are introducing the NHS electronic prescription service (EPS) – removing the need for the traditional green paper slip and giving patients more choice about how they access their medication.

It has been welcome news for many who rely on regular medication for long-term conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, arthritis and epilepsy – but some don’t yet know how to use the new service.

EPS let patients nominate a pharmacy service that best suits their needs – and can take the hassle out of organising ongoing medication. Prescriptions can be digitally sent by their doctor to a pharmacy of their choice – which could be closer to where they work, or an online service that delivers medication for free.

NHS electronic prescriptions are part of the government’s drive to improve access to healthcare, with four out of every five GP surgeries now live with them.

Phil Day, Clinical Governance Pharmacist at Pharmacy2U, which is the largest NHS contracted pharmacy in the UK, said: “The move to e-prescriptions gives patients more choice about where and how they get their prescribed medication.

“It means our NHS repeat prescription service is now available for thousands more patients and can be a useful option for those who don’t find a traditional high street pharmacy a convenient choice. It’s popular with people who work long hours, the elderly and housebound, and busy commuters who want to save time.”

Pharmacy2U developed its NHS repeat prescription service to make patients’ lives easier – by arranging your prescription with your GP, then delivering it to your chosen address for free. You can speak to a pharmacist on the phone for advice and the team can also send reminders by phone or email when your prescription is due, so you don’t have to worry about running out of medicines.

Find out if your GP is live with electronic prescriptions and register for the free service here.