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As 2016 draws to a close, many of us will feel a bit worse for wear after the busy pre-Christmas season. Now the office parties, festive feasts and drinks are all finished, it’s a great chance to look ahead to the new year and think about those positive changes you’d like to make in your life.

Top tips for your resolutions

Pharmacy2U are here to help you stick to your new year’s resolutions. With our top tips, you can start as you mean to go on.

Make it attainable: Set yourself a realistic target. For example, stopping smoking is a fantastic goal but it may be more realistic to gradually reduce your nicotine intake during the month. ? Setting yourself small, attainable goals to stay determined may achieve better results.
Focus on one: You may want to change a whole bunch of things in your life and set yourself several different resolutions. Be careful not to take on too much; it’s better to focus on one resolution and try your best to stick to it.
Plan ahead: Making your resolutions in the last minutes of 2016 may not give you enough time to properly prepare before you tackle them. Make your decisions in advance along with any preparations that might be needed. When January 1st rears its head you’ll be all set!

Do you have everything you need?

Make sure you are prepared before starting your resolutions to ensure you get off to a flying start. Here’s how we can help with some of the most popular resolution choices.

Stopping smoking

Your chances of quitting could be improved by using medication or smoking aids, rather than stopping completely without any help. If stop smoking aids such as Nicotinell Lozenges, Nicorette Gum, or the Nicorette Inhalator.sound like they might be right for you, then visit our sister company, If non-prescription methods don’t help, you can always visit our Online Doctor service which has stronger treatments available subject to a Doctor’s consultation.

Weight loss

Increasing your levels of exercise and eating a healthy, balanced diet are the most effective ways to lose weight. If you are struggling or need an extra hand to get going, help is at hand in the form of various slimming products which work by controlling your diet or altering your metabolism. There are also prescription-strength treatments which may be available to you through our Online Doctor service.

Embrace healthy living

Getting the right nutrition by eating better and actually using that gym membership could be all you need to start feeling better in 2017. Catching up on sleep and trying to reduce stress could also make the world of difference to your mindset. To browse products which could make your feel better, visit our sister company, You may also consider stocking your bathroom cabinet with all the essential vitamins and supplements – start each day in the best way!

Good luck and remember, with the right attitude and perhaps some help – you are sure to succeed!