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The future pharmacy

Grab a copy of The Times today to read a special report exploring the future of pharmacy – from the changing role of pharmacists and the impact technology has had on medication adherence, to the journey a pill takes from manufacturer to patient.

“Imagine a community pharmacy that’s core business is not about dispensing pills.” In an interview with our CEO Mark Livingstone, he discusses how innovation will see pharmacists liberated from pill dispensing to focus on providing dedicated patient consultations. It’s a revolutionary change, and one that’s set to shape the nature of the nation’s healthcare moving forward.”

The report also tracks the history of pharmacy form the 1700s to present day, examines the role of technology in improving healthcare and follows the journey of a pill from research to development, addressing the key challenges along the way.

The evidence is clear: pharmacy is undergoing a transformation unlike any other with the help of technology and the only way is up, benefitting both pharmacists and patients alike.

Read The Future Pharmacy report here:

Pharmacy2U By Pharmacy2U Published 08/05/2019