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Patients embrace online healthcare

Patients in England are happy to embrace new digital ways of managing their healthcare – including switching to electronic prescriptions – according to new research on behalf of Pharmacy2U.

Conducted by YouGov to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web, Pharmacy2U’s research reveals that healthcare management is joining the other things that people routinely do online, including banking, booking holidays and using social media.

Of those questioned, 67% would order a repeat prescription online, while one third (32%) said they would like to relieve pressure on GP surgeries by using online healthcare. Almost 2,500 GP practices in England (28%) are now live with electronic prescriptions, which – because they remove the need to take a paper prescription into a pharmacy – give patients greater choice about where and how they have their medication dispensed.

However, YouGov’s research revealed that 77% of patients in England were not aware that the NHS has started to replace paper prescriptions with electronic ones.

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Pharmacy2U By Pharmacy2U Published 01/07/2014