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Patient notice: NHS prescription charge to increase

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Get the lowdown on upcoming changes For those who pay for their NHS prescriptions in England, the cost of a single item is set to increase by 20p. From 1st April 2018, a single prescription item will rise from £8.60 to £8.80, to help fund and support struggling frontline NHS services. If you are regularly prescribed...

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3 Pragmatic Stress Reduction Techniques for Busy People


For those who have already tried taking a deep breath/ camomile tea/ standing on their head. 1. Rethink your To-Do List Feeling overstretched is a surefire stress trigger. If your tasklist...



There is a common misconception that technology is for young people, and the older demographic are a little out of touch with today’s ‘Amazon generation’. But our data tells a different...

How Far Do People Travel to Collect Their Prescriptions?


Have you ever had to wait days before you have the time to go and pick up a prescription? This isn’t as unusual as you might think – our busy...

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