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Fertility advice for couples considering starting a family

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Many couples are fortunate enough not to have any fertility problems and are capable of conceiving without any medical intervention. However, according to Fertility UK, one in six couples face fertility issues and National Fertility Awareness Week – October 31 to November 6 is aimed at sharing advice and information for those affected. How fertile are you? Both...

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How to avoid catching an STI this freshers’ week


Heading off to university is a pivotal time in your life. It’s filled with nerves, excitement and plenty of new experiences looming on the horizon. Freshers’ week – and its...

Painkillers explained


We all have the odd ache or pain from time to time and when used correctly, there is no harm in reaching for pain relief, as long as you do...

6 methods to help cope with situational anxiety


While most people feel anxious from time to time, for some, anxiety is a big part of life and can interfere with everyday activities. Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) is a...