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What is dementia?

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Dementia is considered one of the most distressing conditions we can face – people are twice as afraid of losing their cognitive skills as they are about losing physical abilities. Although for many years it seemed like little could be done to prevent it, a recent international study in the Lancet found 1 in 3...

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Smiling in the Face of Blue Monday in 2018


Media uproar may have already notified you that today is the day that you ought to be feeling terribly miserable. It’s the third Monday of January after all. “Blue Monday”...

We’re now LegitScript certified!


We are very proud to announce that we have been certified by LegitScript and are one of the first pharmacies in the UK to carry this certification which is used...

More Respect and Understanding Needed to Tackle Obesity


“Eat less, exercise more” advice doesn’t seem to be people with obesity. As well as over-simplifying the complex causes of this health condition, it could be failing to take into...