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Living Better with Bowel Cancer

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Here’s Live Better With’s comprehensive guide to what to expect when you’ve been diagnosed with bowel cancer… Jeremy Bowen is one of the most familiar faces of BBC News; as the corporation’s Middle East Editor, he’s used to challenging situations. But, at the start of National Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, Jeremy revealed that he is now a facing...

5 New Approaches To Sustainable Healthy Eating


It’s the time of year where many healthy eating resolutions have been dropped by the wayside as old habits return. Although it’s easy to have fallen off the wagon, it...

Rare disease day, everything you need to know


Around the world, 28th February is Rare Disease day and it’s an opportunity to help raise awareness about the impact they can have on individuals and families. Rare diseases affect...

Antibiotics – are they right for you?


As many people are still battling winter coughs and colds, GPs will often receive many requests for antibiotics from patients to treat their illness. While that might be what many...

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