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Understanding Genital Herpes

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What is genital herpes? Genital herpes is a very contagious sexually transmitted infection (commonly referred to as an STI). Its symptoms manifest as: Small blisters around the genitals and anus Burning, itching or tingling of the genitals Pain when passing urine Vaginal discharge in women These symptoms are mild in most cases, although they can occasionally be quite painful. What causes genital herpes?...

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Mark Livingstone on game-changing technology


“The banks, high street and consumer commerce have been changing, so pharmacies need to change. A technological future promises amazing benefits for patients with bespoke medication delivered to their door.” Our...

Dispensing must get smarter to free up pharmacists’ time


“There will always be a role for public-facing high street pharmacies, but they have to change to adapt to the changing needs of their patients.” In a Raconteur article published in...

Mark Livingstone interviewed in The Times


“We are a force for good because we can liberate pharmacists so they can spend more time with the public and play a full role in helping the nation’s healthcare.” Our...

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