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STI testing for people without symptoms

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Some people with Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) experience no symptoms and therefore do not tend to seek a test and treatment. However, untreated STIs can lead to a number of health complications, including infertility. There is also a danger that infected people will unwittingly pass an STI on to their partner. It isn’t only your own sexual...

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Alcohol: Do You Know Your Units?


Clocking up units is easier than you might think. Did you know how much alcohol your favourite drink contains? To find out about the risks of excessive drinking visit our alcohol...

What Causes Female Facial Hair?


About 40 per cent of women will experience facial hair problems at some point in their lives. There are various causes, including hormones, genetics and it can even be the...

Why men shouldn’t suffer in silence about PE


Approximately 57% of men find it difficult to discuss issues relating to sex and sexual performance. Dr. Nitin Shori explains the issue of premature ejaculation and why it is better to consult...

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