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Family health: seasonal affective disorder

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It’s no surprise that some people start to feel a little blue at a time of year when the days are short and the nights long and dark. Most people will currently be struggling to catch even a few rays of sunshine and spring still feels a long time off. For some patients, feeling deprived of sunlight...

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Crystal Clear News About Our Privacy Policy


We’d like to introduce you to our new privacy policy, which we have rewritten to make it as clear as possible. The policy has been independently reviewed by Plain English Campaign...

How much calcium does the human body need?


A huge variety of nutrients are required to keep the human body functioning healthily but calcium is the one found in most abundance. Risks for those who do not consume...

Brits back summer holiday beach smoking ban


Staycation Brits would support beach smoking bans during the summer holidays, a national opinion poll has indicated. More than half (57%) think Brighton’s proposed no smoking beach plans should be considered for...

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