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Why You Need To Come Clean About STIs

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Government statistics published last week revealed there were 440,000 diagnoses of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) last year. STIs may not be a common topic of conversation – but an STI scare at some point in our lives is not rare. More than a million Brits have been tested in the last 12 months alone. Whether the fear...

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First-class prescription option for Dinesh


Retired local county council cashier and income officer, Dinesh Gajjar, from Cambridge, turned to our repeat prescription service in summer 2014, just a few months after having to leave work...

Have an asthma-friendly Christmas


It’s the season to celebrate but for many people with asthma, Christmas can bring on symptoms triggered by anything from stress to cold weather, says a new survey. Asthma UK’s latest...

When Unwinding After Work Becomes a Drink Problem


In general, alcohol tends to be a socially acceptable and enjoyable part of life, but for those who regularly drink too much, it’s a relationship that can easily turn sour. Alcohol...

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Emily finds our reminders to re-order really useful for managing her prescriptions ⏰. Do you know someone who often forgets or is late to order their medication? Tell them about Pharmacy2U. https://t.co/NQBoE0TtVq
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July 12, 2020 at 2:00pm
With many of our patients managing a heart condition, our charity partner @TheBHF has written a guide on medicines that can be prescribed to help keep your symptoms under control, and prevent or treat a heart condition. #medicineguide