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Can a “sugar tax” make us a healthier nation?

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Calls for a so-called “sugar tax” have focused attention on the impact that the nation’s diet is having on its health. The National Obesity Conference has recommended a 50% tax on sugary drinks to help reduce the amount consumed by both children and adults in the UK. The Government is now considering if increasing the cost...

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Family health: Cut down on drinking alcohol


Dry January has become an important landmark in the health calendar and this year coincides with updated advice from the UK’s chief medical officers, who say that no-one should drink...

Family health: Avoid flu and quit smoking


Helping vulnerable people to avoid winter flu is a real priority for family doctors at this time of year. Flu can lead to serious complications for some patients, including older people,...

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Unexpected delays on prescription orders Daniel Lee, Managing Director and Superintendent Pharmacist of Pharmacy2U, said: “We apologise that unforeseen difficulties in transferring our prescription dispensing service to our new automated facility...

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