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A quick guide to electronic prescriptions

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Although many areas of England are now live with the NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) – YouGov research has shown that the majority of patients (three in every four) are not yet aware of it. So here is a quick overview of the benefits it can offer and how to use it. In essence, the introduction...

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How to Treat Migraines


How To Treat and Prevent Migraines rnLearn about migraine treatment and prevention from Phil Day, one of our Pharmacy2U expert pharmacists. The video explains the typical causes of migraines and discusses the...

How to Delay Your Period?


Video explaining how to delay your period. There are many reasons why you may elect to delay a period, such as special events, holidays, medical reasons or for comfort. For most healthy woman it is...

How To Lose Weight?


How to lose weight? Pharmacy2U’s expert pharmacist Phil Day explains the different treatments that are proven through clinical research to help you achieve your weight loss goals. See our weightloss category or...