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Summer of sport: will it leave you fatter or fitter?

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The so-called ‘Summer of Sport’ should have been inspiring us all to not just be a spectator but to get off the couch and do something active. Did you know lack of physical exercise is one of the top ten causes of preventable ill health in England? So whether you’ve been cheering on your football team...

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Pharmacy2U unveils £3.5m medication hub


Pharmacy2U – the UK’s first and largest internet pharmacy – today unveiled a £3.5m state-of-the-art prescription fulfilment facility The 30,000 sq ft facility in Leeds is the first of its kind...

Meningitis: symptoms and precautions


While it’s relatively rare, meningitis is contagious and potentially fatal. It can strike suddenly and kill quickly, so if you suspect a member of your family could have it, you should...

Allergy advice that is not to be sniffed at


From peanuts to pollen and dairy to dust mites, lots of people seek allergy advice for themselves or a member of their family. An allergy is the body’s reaction to a...

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July 5, 2020 at 7:00am
Today is the 72nd birthday of the @NHS We encourage you to step out onto your doorsteps at 5pm this evening and clap for our NHS staff. True community heroes who've been so vital to helping us all through the pandemic. Share with your friends and family #Thankyoutogether. https://t.co/EjugAw9cxj Pharmacy2U photo
July 3, 2020 at 7:00am
New measures are being introduced by the Government this Saturday in the ongoing effort to safely navigate the coronavirus pandemic. There’s a lot of new information to take in, so we've written a brief explainer of the key details. #coronavirus https://t.co/FGLmJ9C8Dm