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Dr. Phelan discusses rising STI rates

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Public Health England has released updated figures on the rates of sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), with 440,000 STI’s diagnosed in 2014 in England alone. Chlamydia still tops the list of the commonest STI, accounting for 47% of all new diagnoses. Patients under the age of 25 remain most at risk, with increases seen in men...

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Have an asthma-friendly Christmas


It’s the season to celebrate but for many people with asthma, Christmas can bring on symptoms triggered by anything from stress to cold weather, says a new survey. Asthma UK’s latest...

When Unwinding After Work Becomes a Drink Problem


In general, alcohol tends to be a socially acceptable and enjoyable part of life, but for those who regularly drink too much, it’s a relationship that can easily turn sour. Alcohol...

Could You Be Dependent On Alcohol?


A new treatment is now being made available in the UK to tackle alcohol dependency and help people cut down their drinking. The medically licenced new pill, known as Selincro (nalmefene),...

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