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Hair loss and cancer: what to expect and how to prepare

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Some cancer treatments can have an impact on the way you look – and hair loss can be a significant side effect. Some people find they’re losing small amounts of hair or find it thinning, while others can lose hair from all over their body. It’s completely normal to feel distressed about hair loss or feel...

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8 mistakes people make when trying to lose weight


Whether it’s to get beach-ready for a much-anticipated holiday or to stand out at an upcoming work event, many people look to quick fixes, fad diets and unsafe techniques in...

World Pharmacists Day: Just what the doctor ordered


“I Care For You”, that’s the slogan of this year’s World Pharmacists Day (September 25) and I think many would agree that pharmacists nowadays, whether online or on the high...

How to avoid catching an STI this freshers’ week


Heading off to university is a pivotal time in your life. It’s filled with nerves, excitement and plenty of new experiences looming on the horizon. Freshers’ week – and its...

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Following the latest two government announcements on the coronavirus pandemic, our Superintendent Pharmacist, Phil Day summarises the information from the briefing and highlights what you can do to help minimise further risks.
September 23, 2020 at 8:00am
Although anxiety is common, if you feel that it’s impacting your quality of life then it might be time to take action. Read our guide to understand how anxiety might be affecting you at this time. https://t.co/aaoZIkIbzi https://t.co/aWbXVZvf7I Pharmacy2U photo