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Adult acne treatment

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Coping with the physical and psychological impact of acne can be very difficult. While most people associate the condition with their teenage years, many adults also suffer. Figures from the NHS suggest that acne affects one in every 100 men over the age of 25 and as many one in 20 women. Fortunately, the treatments available for acne...

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How to avoid a migraine attack this festive season


Migraines are a common neurological condition and affect about eight million people in the UK. Christmas can sometimes bring with it a host of triggers for migraines – from rich foods,...

First-class prescription option for Dinesh


Retired local county council cashier and income officer, Dinesh Gajjar, from Cambridge, turned to our repeat prescription service in summer 2014, just a few months after having to leave work...

Have an asthma-friendly Christmas


It’s the season to celebrate but for many people with asthma, Christmas can bring on symptoms triggered by anything from stress to cold weather, says a new survey. Asthma UK’s latest...