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Press statement

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Unexpected delays on prescription orders Daniel Lee, Managing Director and Superintendent Pharmacist of Pharmacy2U, said: “We apologise that unforeseen difficulties in transferring our prescription dispensing service to our new automated facility led to unexpected delays for some orders. “These exceptional circumstances caused our service to fall below its usual high standard and we are extremely sorry for...

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How much water should people drink?


Under normal circumstances, the amount of water we consume is regulated by the thirst reflex and the number of times we pay a visit to the toilet. However, there can be...

Beware Hay Fever Sufferers: High Pollen


With parts of the UK set for a ‘very high’ pollen count today and into the weekend, hay fever suffers can expect to feel its wrath again. It has been particularly...

Treatment for gout


While it’s often referred to as the “Disease of Kings”, gout is a condition affecting an estimated 1 in 40 adults in the UK. It can be very painful and is...