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Suffering the sneeze this summer?

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Hay fever can ruin summer for many people – if you’re a sufferer, it can be hard to avoid the triggers for this allergic condition. However, there is plenty you can do. Hay fever is caused by an allergy to pollen and around one in five Brits suffer from the condition. Symptoms, which can vary...

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Pharmacy2U is well-led, caring and effective – latest CQC report


We are pleased to report that the Care and Quality Commission (CQC) has published its latest findings from its healthcare industry inspections and Pharmacy2U has been assessed as a safe,...

The annual increase in STDs around Valentine’s Day: Stay Safe in 2018


As decidedly unromantic as this may seem, Pharmacy2U’s online doctors diagnose and treat more STDs than any other time of the year. We hope that sharing some statistics will remind...

Smiling in the Face of Blue Monday in 2018


Media uproar may have already notified you that today is the day that you ought to be feeling terribly miserable. It’s the third Monday of January after all. “Blue Monday”...

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Today is the 72nd birthday of the @NHS We encourage you to step out onto your doorsteps at 5pm this evening and clap for our NHS staff. True community heroes who've been so vital to helping us all through the pandemic. Share with your friends and family #Thankyoutogether. https://t.co/EjugAw9cxj Pharmacy2U photo
July 3, 2020 at 7:00am
New measures are being introduced by the Government this Saturday in the ongoing effort to safely navigate the coronavirus pandemic. There’s a lot of new information to take in, so we've written a brief explainer of the key details. #coronavirus https://t.co/FGLmJ9C8Dm