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Family health: Gluten intolerance

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There’s now far more help available for people who experience gluten intolerance than used to be the case, with restaurants and supermarkets stocking specialist alternatives to many foodstuffs. There have been concerns that some people might have been unnecessarily paying for higher priced gluten-free products when they had not been diagnosed with coeliac disease. Scientists now believe...

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World AIDS Day


Despite major medical advances, HIV and AIDS continue to claim lives across the world. Held each year on December 1, World AIDS Day is an initiative that encourages people to unite in...

Help with symptoms of the menopause


Concerns that many menopausal women were “suffering in silence” due to confusion about the safety of hormone replacement therapy recently led to new guidelines for medical professionals from the the...



Statement from Pharmacy2U Pharmacy2U has today issued the following statement in response to an investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office and subsequent monetary penalty. Daniel Lee, Managing Director of Pharmacy2U, said: “This...