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The truth about Erectile Dysfunction in under 40s

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You could assume that erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition that only affects older men, but you’d be wrong. In actual fact, studies have found it to be more common in younger men than previously thought, and long-term ED will affect 5% of men by the time they turn 40. Most notably a paper in the...

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Behind the scenes at our new dispensing facility


We were very proud to unveil our brand new dispensing facility earlier this year. This state-of-the-art facility outside Leeds is the heart of our popular NHS repeat prescription service. It is...

New breakthrough pill to tackle Alzheimer’s disease


Recently there has been news of a pill that appears to radically slow down the debilitating impact of Alzheimer’s. This breakthrough will be welcomed by the 850,000 British people living with...

Top 10 festival health tips for families


Festivals are becoming increasingly popular, with more families than ever donning their wellies and hoping for a little bit of music and fun. However, it pays to be prepared. Here...

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