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As we celebrate the 70th birthday of the NHS today, it’s a good time to reflect on just how far both healthcare around the world and our homegrown service has come.

Pharmacy2U has been a proud NHS partner for nearly 20 years, and while we raise a toast to the service that’s seen us through both bumps and bruises to remarkable life-saving surgeries, we’re also thrilled to see what the next 70 years of healthcare will bring us.

With this in mind, we’ve created Drugs That Changed The World, an interactive and retrospective look at medical breakthroughs from history, and the way they continue to innovate to impact patients’ lives for the better.

Additionally, in a salute to Britain’s healthcare professionals, we’ve partnered with the Daily Mail for the 2018 Health Hero Awards, and have asked you to nominate your very own healthcare hero! Whether that’s a healthcare assistant, the nurse with a smile always on her face, the receptionist who takes the time to chat with you or the surgeon who saved your life, you can nominate anyone in the field of healthcare who’s made a difference to you. Voting closes on 31st July, so do get your vote in!

Finally, if you want to take a look at our shared history with the NHS, click on over to our timeline hereCovering everything from the inception of the NHS (and the internet!), to the creation of the Electronic Prescription Service, to today and beyond, it’s a great look at our past and where we’ve still got to go – did you know in 1952, prescription changes were one shilling (5p)?

And if you want to join in and show your appreciation for the NHS, remember to use #NHS70 on Facebook or Twitter!