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Busy sales manager, Jenny Mellenchip, has been using Pharmacy2U’s NHS Repeat Prescription service since 2008 and finds it a time-saving way to organise her Asthma medication.

Jenny lives with her husband in the Cheshire town of Northwich and commutes to work at a publishing company in Lancashire. The 130 minute round trip means she is rarely back home before 6.30pm and arranging her prescriptions used to be a bit of a hassle.

The 55-year-old is a patient at Witton Street Surgery and has a hectic lifestyle. She explained: “I used to find it difficult to get to the surgery in time and going to collect my medication from a pharmacy wasn’t convenient for me. After a long tiring day, I just want to get home.

“When I discovered the Pharmacy2U service, I started using it straight away and I love it. I now get my medication delivered to my work address, so I don’t even have to go anywhere to collect it.”

Jenny has four grow-up children, 13 grandchildren and likes to keep active. She has also been studying hypnotherapy part-time and is setting up her own business. 

Diagnosed with asthma in her 30s, she also has treatment for a dust allergy. “I consider my asthma to be fairly mild, but it’s often triggered if I’ve been exercising and when I’m suffering with a cold or hay fever. It’s important that I always have my reliever inhaler to hand and don’t run out,” she said.

“Life is pretty busy, so whenever I find something that helps me use my time more efficiently – I grab it. I am now able to order my prescriptions online and occasionally use the phone service too. I have two types of medication, so I’ve set-up a reminder with Pharmacy2U to make sure I don’t forget to put a request in.”

Witton Street Surgery is one of ten GP practices in Northwich that have introduced electronic prescriptions, which are sent to pharmacies digitally, without the need for the traditional paper slip. The initiative is designed to speed the process and gives patients more choice about where and how they get their prescriptions – such as the Pharmacy2U’s online and mail order service.

Jenny said: “It’s great that my GP has given me the option to choose a service that fits in with my lifestyle.”

To check whether your GP surgery has switched on electronic prescriptions yet, visit: escriptfinder

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