Whether you have noticed changes in how you feel or are interested to know of any potential allergies you might have, having a quick and easy blood test at one of our clinics will help you discover what could be impacting your health and wellbeing.

How the Pharmacy2U blood test service works

Choose your test and book your appointment

Simply choose the clinic nearest to you, select which blood test you need from the options available and book your appointment date and time.

Come to our clinic

Come to our clinic for your appointment and one of our pharmacists or nurses will safely take a sample of your blood.

Get your results

We’ll send your test to our partner London Medical Laboratory, who will analyse it and send you the details of your results directly within 24 hours.

What are the different tests available and how much do they cost?

We offer a variety of different tests for you to check the key areas of your health and wellbeing. Each test has a different cost, the prices of which can be found below.

Premier General Health Profile - £79

A comprehensive health check including liver & kidney function, bone health, iron levels, cholesterol profile, diabetes (HbA1c) and full blood count.

Well Woman Comprehensive Profile - £149

A comprehensive general wellness profile for women including vitamins and hormones.

Well Man Comprehensive Profile - £149

A comprehensive general wellness profile for men including vitamins and hormones.

Thyroid Function - Diagnosis and Monitoring - £29

This test checks the function of your thyroid gland. It tests for the level of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) and Free (FT4).

Allergy Complete - 295 allergens tested - £199

This tests for 295 allergens and allows you to fully understand all your allergies to help you to reduce the impact of allergies on your life.

Find your nearest clinic and book your appointment

We have a select few of our clinics where you can have your blood test initially, with more across the country coming very soon. Simply choose from the list of available clinics below to book your appointment. You'll be able to choose the relevant test after you've selected your clinic.

South England

Maidstone Clinic

Tunbridge Wells Clinic

North England

Coming soon

East England

Coming soon


How long will my appointment take?

Your appointment should only take about 5-10 minutes, as we’ll check you in at the clinic and then take the sample of your blood for your test.

How long does it take to get my results?

We’ll send your sample off the same day as it’s taken and you should receive your results from London Medical Laboratories within 24 hours.

Pharmacy2U By Pharmacy2U Published: 11/07/2022