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Retired local county council cashier and income officer, Dinesh Gajjar, from Cambridge, turned to our repeat prescription service in summer 2014, just a few months after having to leave work and take early retirement due to disability.

Dinesh, who also worked for 26 years for the Royal Mail, had to review his methods of organising things like prescriptions and readapt to a new lifestyle.

His disability emanated from a stroke he suffered back in 2007, which left him partly disabled down his left side. In addition, he has asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), so regularly requires repeat prescriptions.

We have a partnership with the Asthma UK charity and help many patients like Dinesh, who require regular medication for long term conditions.

Dinesh now orders his repeat prescriptions online with Pharmacy2U. We can arrange the request with his doctor and then send the medication to his home. He said: “Pharmacy2U’s prescription service is helpful, as it enables me to easily request and receive my medication without having to leave the house.

“My GP surgery always stresses the importance of not stockpiling medicines, so I just order as and when I need to. I feel I am doing my bit to make things more efficient and cost-effective for everyone.”

The 61 year old and his wife are patients at Nuffield Road Medical Centre – one of the first GP practices in Cambridge to introduce electronic prescriptions. This gives patients more choice about where and how they get their prescriptions, such as Pharmacy2U’s online and mail order service.

Dinesh adds: “It’s given me the option to choose a pharmacy service that fits with my needs.”

You can check whether your GP practice has made the switch to electronic prescriptions here.