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The extended hours of darkness and plummeting temperatures during winter can provide unique seasonal challenges to your well-being. To help you this winter, we’ve compiled information on how to tackle exercise, diet and skincare during, what can be a hard season.

How to manage your winter diet

Over the winter months and especially during the festive season, you may find it tempting to overindulge with unhealthy comfort foods. To stay healthy, you should eat five portions of fruit or vegetables each day. Winter vegetables such as carrots, parsnips and turnips can all be used to make a tasty winter soup – hearty and healthy! If you are craving sugary treats, try to manage the urge by having fruit instead.

Exercising in the cold

During the winter months, you may find it difficult to maintain a regular exercise regime due to dark, sub-zero conditions. Although this could be enough for you to avoid exercise altogether and hibernate until spring, it is important to exercise regularly. Here are some tips to help runners this January.

Winter exercise tips

  • Dress appropriately: Don’t tackle winter in the wrong attire! Make sure you are wearing layers that will keep you warm in the cold. By wearing a technical running fabric as your first layer, you can stay dry as they draw sweat away from your body.
  • Start the right way: It is even more important to warm up and down during winter as your body can take longer to start working properly. Start slowly, perhaps by walking before gradually increasing your pace. When doing your warm down, you can always do any stretches inside your house to avoid being any colder than necessary.
  • Added awareness: Running in the dark can increase the risk of danger from passing cyclists and motorists. Make sure you’re wearing some form of high visibility clothing, so it is easier for them to see and therefore avoid you.

    Looking after your skin

    Harsh weather can have a detrimental effect on your skin during the winter season as the extreme cold can make skin dry. Aggravated, dry skin can make winter feel even more uncomfortable – take steps to protect yourself.

    Winter skincare tips

    • Moisturise:To support and maintain healthy skin it is crucial to establish a daily skin care regime. Choose products which compliment your type of skin and use them each day to protect and nourish your skin’s moisture. For the best results, looking after your skin should be a year-round regime, rather than just starting in winter. Consider keeping a small tub of Vaseline with you for regular top-ups when out and about.
    • Be careful of the hot tap:During winter you may feel the urge to heat up with a long, hot shower. Although this can feel good, it can wash out the body’s natural oils leaving it with less protection against the dry cold.
    • Humidify your living space:You may even consider purchasing a humidifier to add moisture to your living space to reduce the impact of cold weather.If you are looking to establish a new skin care regime then head over to our sister company,, where you will find a wide range of products to help manage your skincare regime.