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Although many areas of England are now live with the NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) – YouGov research has shown that the majority of patients (three in every four) are not yet aware of it. So here is a quick overview of the benefits it can offer and how to use it.

In essence, the introduction of electronic prescribing means GPs can digitally send prescriptions to a pharmacy, without the need for the traditional paper slip. This means that patients have:

  •  More choice:  for example, they can choose for their prescriptions to be sent electronically to a pharmacy nearer to where they work or an online and mail-order pharmacy like Pharmacy2U.
  • Access to new digital services: it’s making new services available, such as our free repeat prescription service (which allows regular medication to be arranged online or by phone then delivered direct to the patient).
  •  Less hassle: it means patients don’t need to collect the prescription from their GP – helping to make the process more efficient and convenient (particularly beneficial for those on regular medication).

How to use the Electronic Prescription Service

1. Check that your GP is live with electronic prescriptions – the eScriptFinder tool can help with this or you can ask at your doctor’s surgery

2. Decide which pharmacy service you’d like to use (the pharmacy needs to be live with EPS)

3. Ask your GP practice or the pharmacy to set your “nomination”, which is where your prescriptions will be sent (you’ll be able to change or cancel this as you wish)