Julian Harrison By Published:

It’s Diabetes Week and events are happening across the country to raise awareness and support for a condition that affects more than three million people in the UK.

This year, Diabetes UK has given it an ‘I Can’ theme and it’s been great to see all the positive stories that have been posted on the charity’s Facebook page.

We’re aware of how challenging it can be for people with long-term conditions to keep on track with vital medication and to make sure they don’t run out. Thousands of diabetes patients now use our NHS repeat prescription service to organise their regular medication. One of which is Graham Hulbert from Kent, who takes eight different drugs to manage his condition.

Graham is a part-time legal compliance officer and we arrange for his medication to be delivered to his office address. He explains: “I need to take my diabetes medication regularly – I don’t like to miss a day – so I needed an easy way of getting my prescriptions. I just phone up Pharmacy2U to request the medication and next thing I know it’s arrived.”

You can hear more of Graham’s story in this short film.

3.2 million people are diagnosed with diabetes in the UK and it is thought that a further 630,000 people have the condition, without knowing about it. You can find out more about it on Diabetes UK’s website.