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Each year, Breathe Easy Week runs on the 18th – 24th June. Events are organised by support groups all across the UK. It was initially started by the British Lung Foundation (BLF), in an attempt to raise awareness and focus on lung health.

Even though 12 million people in the UK are living with a lung condition and 1,500 people are diagnosed with some form of lung disease each week, not many people will have heard about Breathe Easy Week. Now is an excellent time for all of us to get involved, whether it’s giving support to those with a lung condition or simply raising awareness.

How to keep active with a lung conditions

There are many ways to keep active, but it all depends on what is the best way for you.

  • Being active at home, such as gardening and walking your dog can help and increase your activity levels.
  • Going to the gym, swimming or yoga are all suitable for someone with a lung condition.
  • You could even join a local singing group! Singing exercises your breathing muscles, builds stamina through vocal exercises and can help your breathing and wellbeing.

However, if you feel like you need more support, then physical activity specialists can help such as, BLF active. This group help people with lung conditions access exercise tailored for them. To find support in your area, take a look here.

Mike McKevitt, Director of Patient Services at the British Lung Foundation, said:

“Keeping active is vital for the management of any lung condition. Physical exercise programmes designed for people with lung disease are a good way to learn how to exercise safely and at the right level for the individual. Courses like pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) are also a great way to build confidence and meet people in a similar situation.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to access a PR course. It’s crucial that we raise awareness of their effectiveness and the importance of completing the course. A national plan to tackle lung disease, backed by the government, will enable us to transform treatment and care for people living with a lung condition. This will ensure people can access the treatment they need, no matter where they live.”

Who are the BLF?

The British Lung Foundation is the only UK charity looking after the nation’s lungs. Their aim is to ensure that one day everyone breathes clean air with healthy lungs. They provide hope, help and a voice to people living with a lung condition through their research work, helpline, local support groups and campaigning activities.