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As decidedly unromantic as this may seem, Pharmacy2U’s online doctors diagnose and treat more STDs than any other time of the year. We hope that sharing some statistics will remind you of the importance of using condoms or other contraceptives with a new partner and staying safe this Valentine’s Day.

  • Syphilis is the UK’s fastest growing STD and has now hit the highest levels of prevalence in Britain since 1949.
  • Dating apps such a Tinder and Grinder have been criticised for facilitating trends of unsafe sex according to the Telegraph, Tinder users are twice as likely to have an STD as those not not using the app  
  • By age 25, about six out of ten people in the UK carry type 1 herpes  and about one in ten carries type 2 herpes
  • STIs in people aged 50 to 70 have risen by more than a third over the last decade
  • 50% of women and 10% of men don’t experience any symptoms of Gonorrhea and are unaware they’re infected. Most people with Chlamydia have no symptoms and no idea that they have it

Condoms (male and female), are the only contraceptive to protect against STDs as well as pregnancy. Our sister company Chemist Direct has a huge variety of condoms, including latex-free types, and is cheaper than the high street.

It is sensible to combine condoms with another method of contraception, such at the pill, the IUD or the implant. But if you and your partner rely solely on condoms, make sure you have a supply of emergency contraception (the morning-after-pill) in case the condom breaks. Pharmacy2U can dispense this and deliver free and discreetly to your door. Everything is done online with no need for awkward conversations.

This article may help for further information about emergency contraception, or to order it today.