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Managing your health during the coronavirus pandemic

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As the global coronavirus situation continues to develop, many of us are increasingly concerned with the best way to manage our health during this pandemic. We would like to give you some advice about how you can use online services to help reduce the risk of infection and ensure the continuity of your healthcare. Going online...

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Patient update: Coronavirus


As the situation regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has developed since our last update, we’ve pulled together some essential information for you. Where can you get up-to-date information regarding the coronavirus?...

Superintendent Pharmacist Phil Day on the coronavirus


Pharmacy2U, the UK’s largest online pharmacy has seen a 47% increase in registrations in the first 12 days of February vs the prior 12 days which they believe may be...

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If you’re looking to travel this summer then here we have some helpful advice from our Superintendent Pharmacist and our partner @Justtravelcover looking at the measures you should take to protect your family, including the quarantine in Spain.