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  1. Did you get that from eating too many sweets?

As confirmed by Diabetes UK, no amount of sugar has or will ever cause Type 1 Diabetes; this is the result of the immune system attacking insulin-producing cells. Type 2 Diabetes can be caused by obesity, which in turn can be caused by excessive sugar consumption. But eating lots of sugar does not directly cause diabetes.

  1. Are you sure you can eat that?

If your friend starts tucking into a well-earned ice cream,  bear in mind that diabetes does not mean never eating sugar before you wrestle it from their clutches. A Sweet Life’s “The Diabetes Magazine” urges you to consider that managing blood sugar levels sometimes necessitates a handful of jelly beans.

Alternatively, your friend might just fancy a treat. You can’t necessarily see the behind-the-scenes planning of occasional indulgences so easily taken for granted by people without diabetes.

  1. Are you sure you want to take that shot here?

Writing for Diabetes Health, Meagan Elser highlights that a shocking number of people with diabetes have to endure family members and friends objecting to their administering of shots in public. This stigma may stem from a general phobia of needles and associations with illegal drug use.

According to, 58 per cent of people with type 2 diabetes feel self-conscious about injecting in public or avoid doing so completely, which could put their health at serious risk. It’s great if your friend feels comfortable to administer shots in public; it indicates that they have everything under control and see no reason to hide their diabetes.

  1. At least…(it’s not cancer/ leprosy/ being mauled by a bear)

Did any inspirational quote ever begin with “at least”? Your well-intentioned optimism could risk minimising a person with diabetes’ day-to-day struggle. And chances are that they’ve already thought of it.

If your friend with diabetes chooses you to confide in about their condition, listening attentively can be the best form of support.

To learn more about diabetes, visit Diabetes UK. For help and support call 0345 123 2399, Monday to Friday, 9am–6pm or email:

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