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Imigran Recovery Tablets Triple Pack
Imigran Recovery Tablets Triple Pack Size: 3x2 pk View Product
Imigran Recovery Tablets
Imigran Recovery Tablets Size: 2 View Product

Imigran tablets

Imigran tablets contain the active ingredient sumatriptan, which is used to relieve migraines when they attack. Many people suffer day to day with a migraine and, while varying factors may trigger a migraine , it is always better to take Imigran at the first sign of an attack. Migraines can be easily identified by a pain, which is usually a throbbing sensation at the front or on one side of the head. A severe attack commonly known as a migraine with aura will also generate problems such as visual difficulties and stiffness in the neck and shoulder area.

Imigran recovery tablets (sumatriptan) migraine treatment works by stimulating receptors found in the brain which causes the blood vessels in your brain to narrow, thus relieving the overall pain.

Imigran recovery tablets are available online at Pharmacy2U.

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