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Splitting orders / Stock delays

When logging into your online account, if there is a stock issue with any of the medication the status of your order will show as "Your order is delayed"

If your order is showing delayed then depending on how much medication you have left, we have the ability to split your order and send the medication we have in stock, with the out of stock items to follow.

To check this: 

  • Log in to your Pharmacy2U account Here.
  • In your account dashboard click "Order history".
  • In "Order history", you can view the current status of your orders.
  • To view the affected order, click on "View order"

If you are happy for the order to be split you then need to click "Send me the rest of my order". 

*Please be aware the above option is only valid for 24 hours.

We will then dispatch the medication that we have in stock with the out of stock items to follow.

You can also split your order via email without the need of having to log into your account, we will email you giving you the option to split the order*

Similar to the above, just click the link in the email to "Send me the rest of my order".

Please note that the email link to split the order will expire after 24 hours, if 24hrs has elapsed, you will need to contact us for us to manually split the order.

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